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Their solution is the jpx ez which has a simple 3 track weighting system and single 10g weight to offer the same levels of forgiveness as a nonadjustable model. Mizuno launches jpx900 driver, fairway woods and hybrids. The mizuno jpxez forged iron is a muscle packed version of the jpxez iron. Therefore, the key development of the new jpx eiii sv driver was. Superb feel, consistency and stunning aesthetics are offered in. The mizuno jpx ez driver has a big footprint, with a stretched back elongated design.

Have taken 5 lessons and think im ready for a better set. Mizuno jpxez 2016 massive moi design optimized internal head for weight distribution low and deep in the head to deliver extreme forgiveness and high easy ball flight quick switch adjustability 8 loft settings to dial in launch angle 8. The colour scheme, in both the shaft and head, really makes the jpx ez stand out it will appeal to players that perhaps wouldnt normally be interested in a mizuno driver. This club is designed to hit high, fast stopping landing shots with tight precision and accuracy. Mizuno jpx ez forged 1025 boron irons individual, single. But it was distinctly geared to the better player, with too little spin to keep the ball in the air at lower swing speeds. Like the newly announced mp54, the ezs feature a pocket cavity design, so you can expect a story about the repositioning of discretionary weight, and perimeter weighting for maximum. After testing with more than 10,000 golfers with the previous jpx eiii sv driver, findings indicated that 62% of the golfers tend to lose distance due to the slice shots. On the narrow, treelined fairways of my home course, i managed to play a round without missing a single fairway with the jpx 900. To increase moi, the head is longer from heel to toe and front to back than its predecessor. A larger clubface and front to back profile mean the jpx ez have a larger more stable footprint which aids playability.

Weve seen mizuno make use of boron steel in the jpx850 forged set of irons last year and theyre starting to use it more and more even in the mp25s. New mizuno mp20 irons and t20 wedges revealed at the open chapionship. Its mizuno, so of course the jpxez line includes irons. Mizuno has brought to market a great set of clubs this year, the jpx850 forged irons. Our testers will be able to visit a local mizuno fitter and get yourself fully specd out for the right shaft, lie, grip, etc. Mark hits both drivers to see which might out performs the other and which might suit your.

Their quest usually has them considering the callaway apex pro 16 and mizuno jpx 900 forged irons. Well, either mizuno have read my mind, or this is a more common request than what i first anticipated. We used our sky trak launch monitor to capture the data and i hit a few shots with my current driver and a couple of other drivers we were testing on the day to compare. And all those words later, you might just want the iron you hit the best, and all weve learned today is that for any given golfer, it could be any of the three. The new jpx900 uses a raft of our best design ideas to send the ball a really, really long way. Doing both in one clubhead can be a challenge, but mizuno answers the call with a largeprofile design that has an adjustable weight. The mizuno jpxez hybrid is noticeably larger than prior models to inspire confidence with its ease of launching high towering shots that land softly on the green. These hybrids are easy to hit because of the shock wave sole and larger clubhead design. With the jpx ez, we now have a second adjustable driver option for players with either a little less ball speed or those who want a bit more.

Typically with drivers that have moveable weights, forgiveness is sacrificed. Mizuno jpx 900 forged is a very popular and one of the more expensive options. The jpx ez driver has a bit of a heavier feel than i was used to in a driver. The jpx ez is a large footprint, high launching, low spinning driver that is also adjustable.

With a simple 3 weight system, the jpx ez driver now allows you to dial in your launch trajectory, while maintaining its design for. Mizuno jpx 900 driver i feel like i have more control with the jpx 900 as compared to the other leading brands i demoed callaway epic and taylormade 2017 m2. Apex pro 16 vs jpx 900 forged how they look apex pro 16. Perhaps the set of irons were more excited about is the jpxez forged.

The mizuno jpx ez driver was very easy to hit and consistent, if i wanted to lay back and hit a smooth swing to guarantee a fairway hit i just choked up a bit and made a smoother swing and if i wanted a little bit of extra distance id take use the full length of. It took a few swings to get used to but i noticed how it helped me control the club head through my swing. The mizuno jpx ez forged iron set delivers explosive distance and the same effortless flight and tight dispersion of the jpx ez series but with the soft, solid feel of mizunos exclusive grain. By increasing the strength of the material, it allows for weight to be spread to the 4. Find golf club tradein and resales values for over 4,000 models of used golf clubs at the pga value guide, from leading manufacturers such as callaway, taylormade, taylor made, titleist, ping, odyssey, nike, cleveland, mizuno, cobra, adams, wilson. That club is what is states very easy to hit, what i found it was not the longest club out on the market it was a bit short for my swing but it did have a very nice balance and feel imo. Mizuno jpx ez vs ez forged for beginners im set on getting a mizuno set of clubs, as i have an opportunity to get a very good price. Mizuno say the new jpx ez driver is the most forgiving adjustable. All three clubs have adjustable hosels as well as the jpx900 driver and. Mark hits the two new mizuno golf clubs in the jpx range and talks distance, launch and ball. Mizuno jpxez forged iron set 6pw, aw used golf club at.

Mizuno jpx ez forged 4pw, gw iron set with steel shafts stay aggressive and go for the pin with the added solid feel of a grain flow forged clubhead. Both of these irons definitely fit into that category, offering a bit of forgiveness and distance in a compact package. Mizuno jpx900 driver luke donald playing new mizuno. The following is our comparison of apex pro 16 vs jpx 900 forged irons. My swing feels more balanced at about 90 mph and i have gained about 20 yards off the tee while keeping the ball on the fairway much more often. Description the mizuno jpxez driver is a high launching, low spinning driver with a large footprint and is also adjustable. In this video i talk about mizunos jpx driver range, with the new ez driver compared to the 850 driver to show you the benefits of both and what driver will suit different players with faster and.

The golfworks aftermarket shaft adaptor for the mizuno drivers allows 8 different loftlie settings. Much of this improvement can be done due to the addition of boron to the forging process. When it comes to forgiveness, companies typically focus on keeping offcenter hits from losing distance, or they try to minimize left or right misses. The mizuno jpx900 driver delivers a ton of adjustability. For right or wrong, however, its metal woods options have almost always trailed the industry leaders in terms of public perception for their. The extremely versatile jpxez hybrid combines a large, deep clubhead and extended, lowprofile back to create some of the best shots of your life.

It incorporates the used of 1025 boron to increase the strength, forgiveness, and distance. Typically mizuno uses 1025e steel in their forging process but this year they incorporated 1025 boron, which is a stronger metal allowing the iron face to be forged thinner for more distance and forgiveness. Overview the new and improved jpx ez forged from mizuno has many added benefits from the previous model. When hitting the ball square, the feeling at impact was amazing as the ball just launches off the face of the club, which gave me a great sense of confidence. Away from the aesthetics, the technology is just as impressive the fivepiece titanium head construction helps to launch the ball high, but with low spin while the hot metal face which first appeared in the mx700 wood range offers good distance even on mishit shots. With a name like ez, you can bet this one is aimed at joe everyman golfer. Personally, i would create a driver head that looks appealing at address and allows me to produce a more confident golf swing.

Went to 2 demo days at local courses and have pretty much narrowed it. The 2016 mizuno jpx ez driver has a relatively shallow face, which is a good thing. There are 3 changeable weight ports on the back of the club so you can set it up in the fade, draw or neutral setting depending. Provider of replacement new and used mizuno jpx ez forged 1025 boron individual, single golf clubs since 1982. I did not try the jpx 825 but did the jpx ez sunday when i was at rd trying new irons out.

The jpx ez was hitting the 250 yard average which is what im hoping for. Even the best players in the world put the mizuno jpxez in the bag. New 2020 mizuno golf balls mizuno rb566 and rb566v. Mizuno believes the jpxez forged is the pinnacle of its grain flow forged technology project, offering a completely new level of distance and dispersion within a soft feeling iron. The infinite center fast tracker consists of two eightgram weights that can be. Mizuno jpx900 driver mizuno jpx900 fairway wood mizuno jpx900 hybrid mizuno jpx900 hot metal irons mizuno jpx900 forged irons mizuno jpx900 tour irons. The first mizuno adjustable driver since 2010 allows both loft and lie to be set to alter the ball flight. The jpzez is a forgiving game improvement driver, but also promises lower spin. Once dialed in for my swing, the mizuno jpx 900 produced powerful for me drives, with an excellent shot shape. The photos released so far suggest a gameimprovement iron a given for all irons in the jpx series. With forgiveness usually being sacrificed in drivers with moveable weights, the jpxez changes everything with a simple 3 weight system that allows the player to dial in the exact launch trajectory while maintaining its maximum forgiveness. The boron is stronger than the typical forged steel that mizuno uses for their clubheads. In this driver test we take a closer look at the adjustability features of mizunos 2017 jpx 900 driver. The top lines of the irons might be a little on the thick side for blade lovers.

Its certainly the bestlooking jpx or mx driver mizuno have done. Mizuno jpxez driver adjustable degree used golf club at. Mizuno is going for forgiveness mixed with a simplicity like design as a main focal point with this club. Topshelf as long or longer than what nearly everyone has in the bag. Mizuno st200 drivers and fairway series, new clk 2020 hybrid. Compared with the blue eye shaft in the jpx 825 driver, the black eye shaft offers more range of torque as well as the high ball flight mizuno want. Once the golf industrys standard driver head size became 440cc to 460cc every most driver on the market had a deep face toptobottom height is a way to achieve the 440cc 460cc volume. If you had to create your own golf driver, what would be your main focus. Basically, if you want something thats not quite mp25 or jpxez forged, you probably want the jpx850 forged. The jpxez forged irons are larger than mizunos popular mp series irons, but theyre made with the same grain flow forging process and have a similar buttery soft feel.

The japanese brand did not opt to employ tracks or weight ports, as it believes it makes drivers less playable. Its built on consistently high ball speeds, that dont drop off on misshits. Have been playing consistently for a year, started with a set of adams speedline 6ipw, 5h, 5w, 3w, driver. Mizunos biggest achievement wasnt just increasing ball speed and forgiveness with this iron, but managing to do this while still. Its all about the control, distance and trajectory. Quick switch adjustability 8 loft settings to dial in launch angle 8. We tested the jpx ez driver at reunion resort in orlando, both on the range and out on the course. The three track adjustability offers a fade, draw or neutral bias so you can tailor ball flight to suit your game. Both slightly mishit and wellstruck shots seem to go the same distance. Mizuno also reckon the rounded crown of the jpx ez helps increase face flex particularly for slower swing speeds and off centre hits, whilst a quick switch hosel allows a 4 degree loft range adjustment.

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