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Jul 24, 2014 the next step is to take that success and enthusiasm to move into big community renewable projects that create local manufacturing jobs. It is the hope for the energy source of the future and scientists at nrel are actively working on ways for solar energy to supply more our energy needs. Over the years, the ap environmental science exam has included freeresponse questions that tested. Ap environmental science exam preparation rhs apes. Types of renewable pros and cons discussed by class for application. Last fall i participated in the white house summit on ocean science and technology, where leaders discussed advancing ocean energy technologies. Whereas, this energy sources cannot be replenished with a short period of time. Technologies for converting and handling renewable energy chapter 6. Apr 09, 2014 a it is the ratio of electricity in to energy out for mains electric powered renewable energy technologies.

Renewable energy is energy generated from natural resources such as sunlight,wind,rain,tides and geothermal heatwhich are. These sources include, wind power, solar energy, hydropower, geothermal energy, biopower, and the heat pump. Energy efficiency is a measure of the useful energy produced compared to the energy that is converted to lowquality heat energy. Youll take part in laboratory investigations and field work. Founded in 1900, the association is composed of more than 4,500 schools, colleges, universities, and other educational organizations. Chapter 17 energy efficiency and renewable energy its a. Study 11 apes energy resources test flashcards from karli k. Animal feeding operations afos regulated under npdes permitting program. It remains the cleanest energy source an it is renewable. Environmental science questions and answers test your understanding with practice problems and stepbystep solutions. Users of this booklet should practice appropriate safety guidelines in doing demonstrations or handson activities. Nuclear energy and its environmental aspects are described in this paper from publications of the international atomic energy agency and other organization.

Ap environmental science ap students college board. Games tips and facts for kids who want to save energy. Outline of the ap environmental science course description provides a more practical rationale. Evaluate the use of nuclear energy on the environment and human health 3b. Renewable energy projects for the classroom illinois valley community college introduction to renewable energy developed for middle school level by donna gerrard background. Environmental science an interdisciplinary study of how humans interact with the environment of living and nonliving thingsecosystem a set of organisms interacting with one another and with their environment of nonliving matter and energy within a defined area or volumenatural capital the natural resources and natural. Ch 16 renewable energy sources by valerie head on prezi. Start studying study guide for earth science apes sol practice booklet pages 712. Renewable sources of energy are currently unevenly and insufficiently exploited. View notes apes renewable energy lab from environ ap environ at rochester high school.

Comparative environmental risks for various energy sources are considered and show the nuclear energy is cleanest energy at present and in future. These energy sources replenished themselves naturally in a relatively short time and therefore will always be available. Department of energy educator resources find the complete set of lesson plans, student competitions, workbooks, videos and more from the department of energy. Start studying apes chapter 21 renewable energy sources. So, youve been working away on your studies in advanced placement environmental science, but the grind doesnt end quite yet as we now turn our attention to two important topics within the study. Energy sources faculty of engineering ccst9016 energy. Ap environmental science natural resources and energy exam. No co2 or greenhouse gas emissions environmental costs. Soils are renewable but it takes lots of time and money describe some of the new technology that helps manage soil fertility.

Geothermal energy is obtained by using the heat stored in the earths interior. The outlook for energy is exxonmobil s latest view of energy demand and supply through 2040. Alternative energy replacing fossil fuels as an energy source must be done. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy will be around for years to come.

Pdf an introduction to the renewable energy resources. Physics, engineering, environmental impacts, economics and planning, fifth edition, continues the tradition by providing a thorough and current overview of the entire renewable energy sphere. Environmental history, law, worldviews, and sustainability. Renewable and nonrenewable energytypes, sources, example, pdf.

Hydrogen fuel cells are an alternative to nonrenewable fuel sources. Identify and describe nuclear energy concepts radiation nuclear fusion, fission nuclear fuels nuclear reactor types. This activity requires students to answer 12 questions that relate to renewable and nonrenewable energy resources. This activity booklet was developed by the education office at the national renewable energy laboratory. We can save energy in building by getting heat from the sun, superinsulating them and using plant covered green roofs. Go to ap central for resources for teachers, administrators, and coordinators. The college board is a missiondriven notforprofit organization that connects students to college success and opportunity. Environmental engineering and renewable energy sciencedirect. Energy can also travel in the form of waves known as electromagnetic radiation, caused by changes in electric or magnetic feilds. Sustainability is the ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely. Ap environmental science 2018 freeresponse questions.

Hydroelectric power about 25% of the worlds energy comes from hydropower. Interest and support of renewable energy were not sustained during the oil embargoes of 1970. China is even likely to surpass the united states in oil consumption and will consume the same amount of coal as the rest of the world combined by 2030. S and other countries must make a major commitment to developing renewable energy sources that generate little or no carbon.

The office of energy efficiency and renewable energy supports research and development of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies to strengthen u. Apes energy resources test ap environmental science with massengill at new hanover high school studyblue flashcards. Net energy efficiencyhonest energy accounting net energy efficiency the only energy that counts. To define what environmental sustainability is we turn to the experts.

This energy sources can be replenished with a short period of time. Principles of solar energy 1 pros a energy source is already present b renewable c will not disturb natural balance of energy d products not radioactive e will diminish our use of fossil fuels f especially good for power generation in rural areas and developing countries. The major topics covered include ecology, nature, evolution, ecosystems, biology, and a range of natural cycles. Since its first edition, this standard reference source helped put renewable energy on the map of scientific agendas. This book has been correlated to national science education content standards. Note that any related adjustments to 2020 ap exams, such as length or content covered, may not be reflected on all ap central pages. Apes renewable energy lab christina wong 5th hour ap e.

Apes chapter renewable energy apes chapter renewable energy. Herman daly, one of the early pioneers of ecological sustainability, looked at the problem from a maintenance of natural capital viewpoint. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Renewable replenish naturally over short periods of time, can use it forever waterhydroelectric b. State content standards the activities in this booklet address portions of the following guidelines from the colorado. C fossil fuel resources and use d nuclear energy e hydroelectric power f energy conservation g renewable energy. The united states the world coal coal is the most abundant fossil fuel in the world. Proposing a solution for an environmental problem and supporting your. There are a variety of study tools and preparatory suggestions for the international apes exam on the apes exam link above. Haze from afar urban air pollution what causes some variability of air pollution. Renewable energy science worksheets about geothermal energy. The university of hong kong faculty of engineering l1.

Environmental science apes chapter 9 water resources apes chapter 9 water resources. The article concludes on an optimistic note with the fact that renewable energy will grow from 8. The use of renewable energy is increasingly resulting in positive changes in climate, economic benefits and securing a source of energy as our current nonrenewable source is quickly being depleted. Designed with ap educators, it helps you provide students daily practice and personalized feedback throughout the year. Ap environmental science practice tests varsity tutors. Problems vary in different regions of the country and the world what are the 4 factors potential for urban air pollution. See more ideas about renewable energy, alternative energy and solar energy.

Explore and investigate the interrelationships of the natural world and analyze environmental problems, both natural and humanmade. Concept 161 we could save as much as 43% of all the energy we use by improving energy efficiency. Potential energy can be changed in to kinetic when the matter in question is moved. Pacing calendar and curriculum plan for withgott teaching. Develop an argument for the use of mass transit or hybrid electric vehicles 2a. See the course schedule or browse the youtube playlist. Alternative energy renewable energy activities this activity booklet is designed for middle school students, and is appropriate for discussion of energy concepts at. Ap environmental science renewable energy i and renewable energy ii unit 2 vocab.

Economists dora costa and matthew kahn found that democratic households with green bona fides using renewable sources to pay for electricity, donating. A study published in 2010 on the national bureau of economic research website revealed that some conservatives respond badly to feedback on energy use. Each activity in this booklet has been selected for its renewable energy content and handson approach to motivating students. Downwind distance that a mass of air moves through an urban area 3. Write all your answers on the pages following the questions in this book. The subject at hand has become more advertised through different countries in several regions of of the because of the fact that the human consumption for oil is becoming less available and more costly. See more ideas about energy resources, renewable energy and alternative energy. Distinguish between renewable and nonrenewable resources. Match wai lun ko department of mechanical engineering the university of hong kong email protected 1 the university of hong kong faculty of engineering course objectives 2 through lectures, technical visit, project and discussion of key. Founded in 1900, the college board was created to expand access to higher education.

Where calculations are required, clearly show how you arrived at your answer. Effects of ddt were explained in rachel carsons book silent spring. Pdf environmental impacts of renewable energy technologies. For heat pumps, you can put one unit of electricity in an get out, say 3 units of heat. The is defines as the sources of energy which are produced continuously in nature and are essentially inexhaustible at least in the time frame of human societies. Preparing students to answer questions about energy resources and global climate change is a critical task for ap environmental science teachers. Carbon emissions will keep climbing despite the introduction of more energyefficient vehicles, buildings and appliances.

Wind energy, made by spinning a turbine is a renewable, clean source of energy. This activity book for all ages promotes energy awareness, with facts on different types of energy and a variety of puzzles in an energy theme. Lower demand for energy production jobs not associated with corn e. Energy resources and consumption matthew augustines. This is a set of 9 reading passages and a corresponding activity to help students gain a better understanding of energy sources. Potential energy is the energy stored in a body or in a system due to its position in a force field or due to its configuration.

Wind energy is continuously available and do not deteriorate environmental health and also human health. Rocks and minerals an overview of rocks and minerals, including igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks, how they form, what they may be. Apes biogeochemical cycles project 48 points the following cycles will be assigned. Fossil fuels, their impacts, and energy conservation killawatt lab 20. The ap environmental science course and exam description ced has been updated to accurately reflect all available resources for ap environmental science teachers and students. Calendar apes 20152016 katy independent school district. Comparison of the net energy efficiency for two types of space heating. Alternative energy for dummies is one of the best books on renewable energy, which takes into account the myths and facts about renewable energy source and their proposed impact on our lives.

Review ap environmental science unit 6 using this outline from the updated. Renewable energy sources have a large potential to contribute to the sustainable development by providing them with a wide variety of socioeconomic and environmental benefits. Due to these benefits and many more, the peoples support for a. The office of energy efficiency and renewable energy eere strengthens u. Once finished, students will use the answers to color the corresponding parts of a fun mandala coloring page.

Switching on clean energy technologies means strengthening the economy while protecting the environment. Ch 1 prezi environmental problems, causes, and sustainability. Provide examples to explain how the rate of a resources renewal affects its classification as renewable or nonrenewable. We can save energy in an existing building by insulating them, plugging leaks and using energyefficient heating and cooling systems. The ap environmental science sample questions on both versions of the practice tests come from established curricula and represent the same types of questions that have been asked on past exams. In this article, the author discusses the idea of how renewable energy has gone from our last choice of option to our top priority. You may work as an individual or in groups of no more than 23 people. The rise of community energy centre for climate safety. This comprehensive worksheet, interactive foldable activity and writing prompts are all you will need to get your students thinking about the benefits and disadvantages of geothermal energy. Apes energy resources test ap environmental science with. Arpae projects have the potential to radically improve u. Write all your answers on the pages following the questions in the pink booklet. Tell us all about them in this ap environmental science natural resources and energy exam.

Lesson plans, teacher guides and online environmental. This renewable and nonrenewable energy resource helps students with concepts presented in 4ps3 energy and msps3 energy ngss. For many years the outlook for energy has helped inform exxonmobil s longterm business strategies, investment plans, and research programs. Ap environmental science 2011 freeresponse questions. Apes city planningalternative energy project on the following page is a diagram of the area where the newly designed city of robsonville will be located. Founded in 1900, the college board was created to expand access to. Study guide for earth science apes sol practice booklet. Additionally, solar energy is also important for calculations such as how much biomass will grow in one area compared to another. The book sheds light on the prevailing use of fossil fuel and its impact on the atmosphere. Note that any related adjustments to 2020 ap exams, such as length or content covered, may not be.

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